“Sexuality is not a leisure or a part time activity, it is a way of being”

– Alexander Lowen

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Dance: Tango

(Drawing by Maya Lewis) ... "The tango as a dance is a game of seduction and like any game of seduction it begins in the eyes, in a glance and has very clear rules" Osvaldo Zotto and Mora Godoy ...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gcxv7i02lXc...

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Lola & Cristobal

Imagen: Martine Johanna Author: Eva Nogales *English & Español Versión en español: Lola & Cristóbal   Lola:¿Por qué no apareciste? Estuve esperándote una hora, ni siquiera contestaste a mis mensajes, ¿por qué siempre haces estas mierdas? Cristóbal: Lo...

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“Sex is rooted deep inside our self and can be the source of the greatest fears and frustrations. Most of the sexual problems are problems in the understanding of sexuality. We Need to relearn and redefine sex in order to make our way to heal and grow”Eva Nogales

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